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A collection of ten plays inspired by a certain deserted island.
Ten playwrights were given a task: write a short play inspired by the Gilligan’s Island opening theme song. Far from slavish adaptations featuring soon-to-be castaways on a three-hour tour, the resulting plays were filled with murder, existential crisis, gender-bending role reversal, absurdism and magic. These are THE GILLIGAN VARIATIONS.

The Island by Sean Abley
Gillian’s Isle by Liesl Ehmke
Jump Ship by Lydia Stewart
Lilli’s Lost at Sea by Jessica Burton
Sonia and Nancy by Caitlin McCommis
Search / Rescue by Kimberly Patterson
Five Steps to Murder Your Spouse by Meghan Reimers
Evacuate by Megan Wheelock
The Shadow of Gilligan’s Island by Sean Michael McCord
The Isle by Kyle Philip Jackola


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