how it works


Click on the link at the end of the play description, and it will either

A.) take you to a link on the publisher’s website where licensing fees for productions can be paid for, and acting editions of the script can be purchased.

– OR –

B.) send you to the Contact page, which will send an email directly to me, for scripts that have yet to be published. In this email, please provide me with the following information:

  • Your full name, and your school or theater company name. If you are a student, please include your teacher/professor’s name.
  • When and where the production would be, the number of performances, the approximate number of seats in the theater, and the approximate ticket price.
  • An actual mailing address, phone number, and email address for your organization.


STEP ONE! Send me an email via the Contact page at least ONE MONTH before you want to start rehearsals (two months is even better, and required for a two-act play!) Let me know….

  • What organization you’re part of.
  • How many students you want involved (for large casts this can be an approximate number).
  • How long the play should be (Most schools want one-acts of 50 minutes or less).
  • When you want to mount the production.

Also helpful are any details, thoughts, ideas you might have about

  • Theme – Friendship, Bullying, Being Yourself, Self Esteem, Destructive Behavior and Consequences, etc.
  • Genre – Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Sketch show, Classic Literature Adaptation, Specific Holiday Show, etc…

Basically any germ of an idea you have about what you’d like the show to be, no matter how small!

Don’t worry if you don’t know all of this information! My job is to brainstorm with you about possible ideas until we come up with the perfect play!

STEP TWO! We get on the phone together and brainstorm details. This first phone call will probably last about an hour at minimum, but can be as long as we need to come up with some great ideas!

STEP THREE! The writing begins! Typically I’ll come up with a two-page treatment spelling out the main ideas, characters, and basic plot based on what we discussed. I’ll send this to you for input. Once I get your thoughts on the treatment, I start writing the actual script! This process will take about a month, and there will probably be a lot of back-and-forth emails about progress, new ideas, etc., as I write the script.

STEP FOUR! Delivery of first draft! At this point, you have about 48 hours to read and get back to me with notes. After that, I go back and finish another draft.

STEP FIVE! Delivery of polished draft! I deliver a “Read only” PDF file, and if you’re satisfied with the results, you submit payment, and I send you a printable copy of the script.

STEP SIX! Rehearsals and Opening Night! During this process, you and I keep in contact so you can suggest changes to the script based on your rehearsal process. Remember this play is for YOUR GROUP, so feel free to add elements you think will help the show, and take out parts that don’t work!

STEP SEVEN! Have a great show!